Writers' Group Guidelines

  • Please be on time - meetings will start at 2pm
  • Do not interrupt the speakers on their 'one minute go-around'. Save questions and comments until speaker is done
  • Pass if you have nothing for the go-around
  • Respect the timer. We have a large group and only 2 hours; and everyone should be heard.
  • Visit after the meeting, or at the 10 minute coffee break at 3pm
  • Bring your own paper & writer utensils as we will be writing during most sessions.
  • Expectation is that you will write or revise writing for every class.
  • Keep your yellow name bar and bring to each class.
  • $1.00 is the suggested contribution to the 'cup' each class - funds are used for coffee, tea, condiments, cards and token gifts for guest speakers
  • We are meeting together to further our writing skills and to encourage, motivate, inspire, learn from each other and provide positive/constructive feedback (not criticism)
  • And Lastly - Let's Have FUN!!!